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The Entrepreneur's Ethic

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There is an ethic, a guiding star, that provides direction to high-impact, entrepreneurial people. This ethic, The Entrepreneur’s Ethic, infuses people, organizations, and places where the future is created and the world is made a better place.


The Entrepreneur's Ethic Podcast

Listen as Kevin presents case studies in imaginitive format and dive deeper with the historians, modern entrepreneurs, and artisans who illuminate and exemplify each Ethic.

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In 1996, Kevin started his first business, E-Markets, which enabled electronic commerce between agricultural businesses using the Internet as a platform. His next startup, Decision Commodities (2002), provided commodity buyers and sellers models, algorithms and derivatives for more effective price risk management.


In 2016, Kevin co-founded Ag Startup Engine, an early-stage venture fund for agricultural technology businesses. Ag Startup Engine funds have invested in more than 20 businesses that have created significant impact in their markets and communities.


In 2009, Kevin returned to his alma mater, Iowa State University, to teach entrepreneurship and economics courses and to direct agricultural entrepreneurship programming. Students from his courses and programs have went on to start hundreds of successful farms and businesses and positively impact the communities in which they live.


Arising from Kevin's research, case studies, classrooms, public talks and executive seminars, The Entrepreneur's Ethic is a framework for how high-impact, entrepreneurial people make decisions. It infuses people, organizations and places where the future is created and the world is made a better place.

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